£2.50 Origin Explorers

Explore amazing world coffee samples from our coffee importers that would otherwise be thrown away. A very cheap way to try expensive and great coffees! Bag size is 100g, and varies a little. Each year green coffee importers receive hundreds of solicited and unsolicited samples of green coffee, and often end up having no choice but to dispose of the leftovers. Importers sell by the 60kg so do not have a commercial outlet for a few grams.

These coffees are only available through the kindness of the green coffee importer and is a joint initiative to reduce food & drink waste. Some coffees are old some are new, but still make a great cup of coffee.

Each coffee is sample roasted to order which is quite alot of work, so these are available as an add on to orders over £6. We roast these sample on our ROEST sample roaster which produces amazing quality roasted coffee in tiny amounts. We couldn’t roast such small amounts on a 15kg roaster as it would be lost in there!

All proceeds from the sale of these samples go into our local community solidarity fund. This provides access to small amounts of money to local people to be repaid on a “paying it forward basis” i.e. you make a donation back into the fund when you have the means to do so, allowing others to do the same.

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