Plastic Free Coffee

We are a plastic free coffee roastery. This means we never use plastic packaging, ever! We even store our beans in large tins.

You may wonder why we do not supply our coffee in valved compostable PLA lined bags that you see advertised everywhere in the coffee world. The answer is simple: alot of “Eco” products are a farce. These bags are all made in China, in smog belching factories and shipped here to be marketed as the next best earth saving product. Same with bamboo toothbrushes etc – mostly Chinese with the transportation miles involved and huge carbon footprint. Plastic coffee bags suck! We are really trying to help reduce plastic waste and make plastic free coffee a true eco option, not just a marketing gimmick.

We only buy British made packaging and ancillaries for our business. The cardboard is made in Britain. Boxes made in Britain. Tins made in Britain. Not only does this support home industries, it hugely reduces transportation and carbon footprint. We cannot say our coffee is British 😉 but who knows maybe one day!

Currently we have three plastic free coffee options:

“Beans in a Box”

NEW PRODUCT: “Beans in a Box” – posted nationwide! Just a British made kraft letterbox size box full of 250g fresh coffee beans

This option is just that, coffee beans in a cardboard mailer! It is only available for coffee beans (not ground). The boxes hold 250g of roasted coffee. This means you pay postage for every 250g of coffee you buy. It may be cheaper to buy our coffee in paper bags and consolidate larger orders. This product is available for web shop purchases as well as our nationwide postal subscription.


“TRUE ECO BROWN PAPER COFFEE BAG” – Just a plain block bottom paper bag

Our general coffee bags are plain untreated brown paper bags. They are block bottom (sit upright) and made in Britain. Nothing fancy, they hold coffee until it gets to the customer. These bags do not keep the coffee fresh, so decanting is necessary as soon as you receive the coffee. A day or two will not make a huge difference to whole beans freshness. Ground coffee deteriorates as soon as its ground, the only way to solve this is to buy a grinder and grind yourself! At Cocobolo Coffee Roasters, our plastic free fresh coffee system involves the customer either having an airtight container already (great! re-use is best) to decant these bags into, or buying one of our reusable coffee tins and decanting into this. This system works perfectly with our plastic free coffee subscription.


“REUSABLE COFFEE TIN” – Made in Britain not China!

Our reusable coffee tins are made in Birmingham and hold 250g of coffee. Buy once and refill infinite times from our paper bags! We can also supply the coffee in tins rather than empty. The tin is a good quality tin made of tin (mined in Wales I believe?). We post these in special sized cardboard boxes with recycled cardboard infill.