Cambridge Sustainable Food & Local Solidarity Fund

We collect donations from customers via the product pages, and pass these directly to Cambridge Sustainable Food by bank transfer. No fees or deductions are made.

Transparency: As of 04/10/20 total donations including top ups from Cocobolo transferred by BACS to CSF = 45 pounds

Cambridge Sustainable Food do great work in promoting the local food movement, reducing food waste, distributing emergency food and setting up the now well known food hubs. They have helped hundreds of people during the Covid-19 crisis, and will continue to do so when the need shifts more towards unemployment related needs.

You can check them out here:

This is a copy of their latest report which shows exactly how much food is being distributed (wow!): HERE


We have decided to set up a small fund to facilitate small loans to local residents between £10 and £30. These are not means tested and non judgmental. There are no lengthy forms to fill in. All we ask is that you enter into an informal agreement that you will try to repay the loan back into the fund as a donation, if and when your finances permit, so that others can benefit from it moving forward.

It will run as a pilot scheme funded in the main from the roastery business. This is possible by selling small sample bags of coffee (Origin Explorers) donated by our coffee importers. We roast them on our sample roaster, bag them and list them for sale at £2.50 each. 100% of the proceeds go directly into the fund.

The fund is very limited and is only available to Harston and surrounding village residents. Proof of residence is required to stop fraudulent/scam applications. Email for further information.

Transparency: As of October 4 2020 we have received 74 pounds in donations and 10 pounds worth of surprise coffee bag proceeds making a total of 84 pounds. Cocobolo will top this up to 100 pounds. We are in discussions to possibly distribute the loans via a local food bank. I will update as soon as I know the outcome.