Our ethos…

What makes us tick….

We are a small ethical micro roaster based in Harston, near Cambridge. Bringing you great specialty coffees by local delivery & mail order, we source microlots and odd bags from amazing origins through our green coffee importers. These coffees are bought by the importers with premiums paid to the producers for their specialty grade lots.

All our coffee is plastic free packaged using British made packaging.

Our roastery supplies local residents and businesses by local delivery, and many more by post. Why not give us a try? You can count on a friendly face delivering your coffee, and we have easy ways you can contact us for advice which is freely given!

It is possible to produce food & drink with a minimal impact and we have altered and honed our business to produce fresh coffee with the least added transportation miles for the packaging (all made in Britain) and a low impact high output roastery. We have a 100% renewable energy tariff. When funds permit we would like to invest in an electric van for delivery.

You could say we are no bull**** sustainability focused. Most eco packaging (PLA lined etc) is coming from China, so what is eco about that?!! Same with all the bamboo type tat. To make a simple difference just go local as you can! British firms can sure do with some business right now so buy British! Our tins are made in Birmingham by the Birmingham Tin Box Company, and paper bags and boxes by a British firm PH Labels in Macclesfield.

A fancy coffee bag is a trophy that lasts as long as the beans, to then be tossed in the bin. A paper bag is immediately repurposable as a food waste bag, lunch bag or whatever. Our bags are all hand stamped (Thanks to Stamps Direct in Cambridge)

Please do support others who promote food sustainability and other microbusinesses. It has never been a better time to shop locally, especially food and drink.

We stand in solidarity with all affected by Covid-19 and the aftermath that is to follow. Free coffee is available to those without the means to buy, pick up via the food hubs or just make contact with us. It is mutual aid, not charity, so please come forward!  This extends to community groups, causes and anybody else who would benefit from it but may not have the means. Reach out to us at roasted@cocobolo.coffee

With the kind contributions of unwanted green coffee bean samples from our importers we are also piloting a small solidarity fund from sales of these roasted samples (we roast and bag these for fundraising). Applying is simple, all we ask is that you try to “pay it forward” back into the fund when and if your situation allows it. This allows others to benefit from the scheme. Amounts available are £10-£30. See THIS page for further information.

Our business is a proud member of the Land Workers Alliance. The Landworkers’ Alliance is a union of farmers, growers, foresters and land-based workers founded in 2015 who work together to campaign for better food and land-use systems. Membership is open to those involved in food and drink production. You can find out more at www.landworkersalliance.org.uk